100 Things About Me – #13

Shy Giraffe Behind Tree
Image by DanielJames via Flickr

I used to be extremely shy! When I say “extremely” I mean it! When I was in early elementary school, I only talked to a hand full of  people. Everyone probably thought I was mute, except for one friend and my teachers.

Normally I would not answer roll call, but one day my teacher told me she would mark me absent if I did not answer, so I tearfully answered and continued to answer from then  on (what a smart teacher!).

Another time that same year, I pulled a tooth in the bathroom and came into the classroom with a piece of paper towel against my gums. I got into trouble for having it in my mouth. Without offering a reason for having the paper towel, I threw it away. It wasn’t until my friend told the teacher what was going on that she understood!

So, you may have gathered by now, that I was one of those students that would be dying to ask more questions, but never would because it was embarrassing to me. I just sat and hoped others asked the same questions I had. I was definitely ridiculously shy!

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