Best In-Laws Ever

I must say that I have the best in-laws that ever existed! I met them when I was 12 years old, only they weren’t my in-laws quite yet and would not be for another 9 years! Shortly after meeting them, I became like one of the family. I honestly felt like I belonged and was with them so much that some people assumed I was a Gedeon.

Needless to say, when I married the best man on earth, the best in-laws on earth continued to accept me as one of the family. I have never wondered whether I was accepted, and when we are away from them, I miss them as much as I miss my own family.

One example of their coolness occurred last Thanksgiving when I was 8 months pregnant and not able to travel a very long distance from my doctor. We all worked together and made arrangements to get together in a couple of cabins on Thanksgiving weekend. We really felt blessed and loved when Luke’s parents and every one of his 6 siblings and their families ( a total of 21 people) agreed to meet us in Pennsylvania. It was a long drive for everyone (except us), and I know sacrifices were made to make it a family thanksgiving. Let me tell you, there was plenty to be thankful for that Thanksgiving.

I continually thank God that I do not have problems with “the in-laws” like most married individuals. As a matter of fact, I don’t even normally call them my in-laws. They are just Mom and Dad and brothers and sisters to me.

A few days ago Caleb mentioned that the Gedeons were one of his favorite families. I heartily agree with him and decided to add onto his praise. I love my in-laws and appreciate them very much!!

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