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100 Things About Me – #5

My best friend is invisible, but he is not imaginary. The works He does are neither imaginarey or invisible, and I know I can rely on Him for all my needs! He has a wonderful track record in that He has never let me down. Figure out who He is yet? He is my awesome God, redeemer, and friend. Do you know my invisible best friend?

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Tabetha’s Tweets 2009-07-12

  • Teaching my 6YO to clean the outside of the toilet. He's doing great! One problem; he was using fresh dish water. Ew! Running more water… #
  • My 18 mo old just brought me a barrette & bent her little head over for me to put it in her hair. Of course, she has now pulled it back out! #
  • These Rhode Island thunder storms are beginning to make me think I am in Mississippi again! #
  • Vanilla Coke tastes better when you add vanilla to plain Coke than to buy the already made Vanilla Coke. #
  • Helping my husband with a database. Just typing, but that is help, right? 😉 #
  • What a day! #
  • My 7YO son just made a mistake on paper. When he went to erase, he said, "I'll delete it." 😀 #

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100 Things About Me – #3

Today is a special day because the number 3 is the same key on the keyboard as the # symbol! And now you know the 3rd thing about me. See you tomorrow!

No, I’m not really going to leave you hanging, but you knew that when you started reading, because you could see the length of this post without reading the first word! So, here is the explanation that you knew was coming, or at least an explanation. You probably did not know the exact explanation, right? 🙂

Thing #3 is that I tend to notice odd things like the 3 being the same key as the #. Not only do I notice these things, but I will mention them to people I know well. I guess those I don’t know well just have to wonder what my head is thinking (It doens’t take much imagination, really). 😀 But I guess I just changed that, because I know that I don’t know everyone that chances upon this blog post well enough to let them know how simple minded I am, but yet I just did, didn’t I?

Oh well! If you are not confused enough by my ramblings yet, try singing the words “spot mop” in place of the normal words in the Pink Panther song.

100 Things About Me – #2

I love to bake…not baked chicken and all that healthy stuff (although that is convenient). I like to bake cookies, cakes, breads, and sweet rolls. You know, that unhealthy stuff!

Because we have gone on a permanent health food kick, I can only bake to give to other people. This works well for me because I get to know my neighbors (or at least get on good footing with them) by giving them the food that I had a hankering to bake (of course, we still eat just a tiny bit!). 😉

100 Things About Me – #1

Wow! My first reaction when looking at my title was that #1 should be something very special and important, but then I decided to just put the first thing that came to mind, so here goes.

I have developed a love for photography. I have always been interested in it, but I had never really tried it until I began taking pictures of my own children. Then I assumed I liked photography because I was making memories of my children. Recently, when I realized I even enjoyed taking pictures of other people’s children, I knew I had a genuine interest in photography itself, not just taking cute pictures of my children!

100 Things About Me – Introduction

Several months ago (a year?), I was introduced to the “100 Things About Me” idea by Stretch Mark Mama. I thought it was a cool idea then, and guess what? I still do!

I have chosen the month of July to begin this series because it is my birth month and because it happens to be a very convenient time for me. 🙂

Stay tuned tomorrow to learn a few things about me (besides my birth month)!

Pretty in Pink – Part 3

You have seen Candice and Bethany separately in the pictures I took at church. Here they are together.

Tabetha’s Tweets – 07-05-2009

Since my twitter tools still seems to be broken, I decided to manually share my tweets with you from the last few weeks. I know you are dying to know them all, so enjoy! 🙂