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Around and Around We Go

Vatican Museums Spiral Staircases
Image by Christopher Chan via Flickr

Here is Anna’s description of her made up holiday, “Opposites Day.”

It’s “Opposites Day.” Since it is “Opposites Day,” that means we have to say the opposite, so it really isn’t “Opposites Day.” But if it isn’t really “Opposites Day” and someone says it is “Opposites Day,” it is “Opposites Day.” But that makes it not “Opposites Day”…..

And around and around we go!

*If you are wondering, I used “Opposites Day” nine times in the post. This makes an even 10! 🙂

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Park Pictures 2009-06-19

Because I know you love my kids so much, I decided to share their fun at the park with you. Seriously, this is the best place to keep track of pictures. I hope you can enjoy them with me.

Park Pictures 2009-06-18

While at the park on Monday, I got an opportunity to take a few nature shots. These scenes are fun to take pictures of and demand the acknowledgment of God’s presence! Here are my favorites!

A Few of my Favorite

Today I got an opportunity to take pictures of my favorite husband! I got carried away and took a lot. Here are just a few of them.

I Just Updated

I just updated to WordPress 2.8!! I am current with WordPress now! Yes, me, Tabetha! The one who is always a year behind everyone else! Not this time! And the best part? I did it all by myself with no help from my guru husband!!

Oh wait! WordPress 2.9 is already out? You’re kidding, right? 😀

Group Writing Project – Favorite Flower

Tiptoe through the daisies...
Image by law_keven via Flickr

Ready for another group writing project or have you forgotten what those were? I have not hosted one in quite awhile. Here’s the scoop.

I want you to let me know what type of flower is your favorite and have you post a picture of it on your blog. If you make sure to link to my blog in your post, I will write a follow up blog post for you.

The deadline is June 27. If you have questions, please let me know. Ready? Set? Go!!

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Time to be Serious

Peter had to go to the eye doctor on Wednesday. Because he loves entertaining people so much and just plain being silly, I thought it would be wise to have a talk with him before hand to help him understand that this is a time to be serious.

After our talk, I was fairly certain that he understood and was ready to face the eye doctor with all the seriousness he could muster up. Evidently he couldn’t muster up quite a lot! He responded with, “Mom, that’s a long time to be serious!” 😀