Monthly Archives: September 2008

Tabetha’s Tidbit: Where to Park?

It seems to be common among shoppers to drive around the parking lot looking for a space close to the store to save steps, but unless you are only buying a few things, parking close to the store does not actually save steps.

Let’s say you get the very first parking space that is not handicapped. After loading down your cart in the store, you push it out to load it all in your car. After working a miracle getting it all in your car, you are then stuck with an empty cart to put away. By the time you walk halfway down the parking lot to put it away, you have used all the extra steps you thought you had saved by parking close to the store.

If you park halfway down the parking lot, you can grab a cart on the way by and deposit it back in the cart rack after your shopping is done. No steps are saved by doing this, but you might save yourself a little time looking for a space. 🙂

This advice is not intended for those who shop in stores that have cart racks in the front of the store, those who buy small quantities that can be carried out by hand, or those who refrain from returning the cart to the rack.