Monthly Archives: April 2006

What a Guy!!

I have been struggling with lack of sleep for about 5 months due to discomfort during pregnancy and night feedings later on. My husband gave me a great gift on Saturday! He let me sleep in!

I was not even aware that he got up or that the kids were out of bed. I thought I had slept until 8 am, but the clock in the bedroom was wrong due to the power being out the night before (I just pushed a button to make it stop blinking the wrong time – not a smart thing to do!!). Anyway, when I looked at the living room clock, it was 9:30! I can’t remember the last time I slept that late!! The kids usually wake me up between 6:30 and 7:30.

L has let me sleep in before, but I usually hear the kids up playing and feel obligated to get up to help out. This time he put forth an extra effort (just for me) to make sure I did not even know the kids were up.

When I walked into the living room L was working on the computer, and the 2 kids who were up (AM and P) were sitting in the chairs actually whispering in order to keep from waking me or Ph. I didn’t even know they knew how to whisper!! No, but seriously, I was so impressed (and grateful)! I still feel rested from it! Thank you, Luke!!

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