To Dry or Not to Dry

I did it! I did it! I fixed a dryer that was taking 3 hours to dry each load of clothes!! We had been struggling with it for months, and I had resorted to hanging my clothes out on the porch to get them dry! It actually took less time that way! Amazingly, sheets, because they are only one layer, only take 20 minutes in the bright sunshine to dry! And oh the smell! I love sheets that have been hanging outside!! Oh wait, I’m supposed to be bragging on myself. 🙂

We live in the upstairs part of a 2 family apartment, so we share a washer and dryer (in the basement) with our neighbors. Our neighbor cleaned out the dryer vent hose, but it did nothing toward making our dryer hotter. So, more time went by with me enjoying the fresh outdoor scent of our clothes.

One day several weeks ago, I had a load of clothes that I really needed to wash before the next day. Unfortunately, the dryer was busy. I waited for 5 or 6 hours on our slow dryer to dry 2 loads of our neighbor’s clothes, and the third load was in and still very wet. Even though I enjoy the aroma of fresh air on our clothes, I needed a dry load of clothes before the next day!

So, my fingers did the walking across my keyboard, and I did a bit of research. I had done the research before, but for some reason I had over looked one little word in my previous research. Wanna know what that word was? You sure? Maybe I shouldn’t tell you.

Okay. That word was “outside.” So, now it is all cleared up, and I can end this blog post. Oh wait! You say you don’t get it? What are you, slow? Okay, I guess I’ll have to spell it out for you! I-A-M-B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T!!!

Oh yeah…..bragging on myself……wait….isn’t that what I was just doing?

Our neighbor checked the vent hose leading to outside, but did he check the actual vent outside the house? So, out of desperation to get that load of laundry done as quickly as possible, I walked outside, got down on my knees, and felt for a vent. Sure enough, there was a little vent that pops right off that was caked with wet lint. After pulling it all off, the dryer dried a load in one drying cycle!!! All that lint was blocking moisture from escaping from the dryer! Yep, I’m brilliant. Go ahead. Say it. I know you’re dying to! 😉

Oh, wait! What’s that you say? Anybody could have figured that out? It was obviously done by someone before? You don’t say? Oh well, at least my dryer works!

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